Top 10 Actresses Hollywood

Top 10 Actresses  Hollywood

Hollywood is the hometown of some of the hottest and talented actresses. It is the largest movie industry across the world and the market value is astounding. There are plenty of stars known for their artistry and tremendous acting skills. Listing the top actress in Hollywood can be one tough job for any kind of person and this list may have acceptance and objections from viewers.

Cameron Diaz

This ageless beauty with her captivating eyes is still in the hotline. Born in 1972, she made her first silver screen appearance in the block buster movie “The Mask”. After that there is no turning back for this leggy beauty. She starred alongside with most of the top Hollywood actors and all are major hits in the box office. Some of the noted movies in her career are Charlie’s angels, There’s something about Mary, Vanilla sky, The holiday and many others.

Mila Kunis

Born in Ukraine, this cute actress is the heart-throb of youth. Started her career as an actress in television series, she had a good graph of growth in her entire career. She is best known for her role in the movie friends with benefits starring opposite Justin Timberlake.

Emma stone

One of the highest paid actresses in the current Hollywood industry, this pretty woman has reached mentionable heights in her short career. From television to silver screen she had done quite some great job to be what she is now. Amazing Spiderman and La la land are some of her recognized movies.

Emma Watson

Born in France in the year 1990, Emma is one of the most talented actresses in the Hollywood industry. Harry porter movie series was her Hollywood debut at the age of 11. She was recognized worldwide for her cute and innocent looks and she had also done some sensitive roles in movies like Colonia and The perks of being a Wallflower which brought her awards and accolades.

Megan fox

This titillating actress is responsible for sleepless nights of many youngsters. Born in America, she had an interest in acting and dance at her younger age. She started her career in the television series ‘Holiday in the sun’ but she got recognized worldwide with the Sci-fi movie ‘The transformers’.

Jessica Alba

She is born in America and is one of the highest earning actresses in the world. With a successful movie career, movies like Fantastic four, Into the blue gave her international recognition. She is also a successful business woman.

Jenifer Aniston

The Friends television series actress is born in United States at 1969. With the sitcom being one of the successful shows till date, Jenifer Aniston also made her silver screen career successful. She is widely known for her energetic and funny roles in movies and sitcoms. We are the Miller’s, Horrible bosses are some movies in which she had done some notable characters.

Scarlett Johansson

Started her acting at the age of 10, Scarlett had seen lots of transformations in her career. She is on the list of hottest Hollywood actress. With a successful career in the Hollywood film industry, she got many awards. However her first notable award would be the best actress in the lead role for the movie ‘Lost in Translation’. She is globaly known for the role of black window in the marvel venture Avengers.

Angelina Jolie

She was born in United States at 1975 to Jon voight and Marcheline bertand who both are actors. Angelina started her acting career at the age of 16 with initially struggling to get roles but later she reached the top in Hollywood industry. She had done many great roles in her film career with movies like Lara Croft, Wanted, The original sin, Salt and some others made her a great star.

Jenifer Lawrence

Born in 1990 at US, this Hollywood beauty is one of the highest earning actresses. She made her Hollywood debut in the movie Garden party which released in the year 2008. She is famous for her role as Mystique in the marvel blockbuster X-men. Also her role in the movie silver linings playbook got her a great recognition from the audience and critics. With a successful career she is the most sought after actress in the Hollywood by many leading directors of industry.

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